What courses do I offer?

A1 Driving School run courses for complete beginniners, intermediates, (learners with some driving experience), refreshers, intensives, test re-sits, motorway and your instructor is registered to teach the Pass Plus!

Pass Plus

Having passed your practical test, the Pass Plus course is designed with two objectives in mind; Firstly, because newly qualified drivers, (especially those in the 17 - 25 age group) are SEVEN times more likely to have an accident early in their driving lives than an experienced driver, the course focuses on areas such as adverse driving conditions, faster rural roads, (where a large percentage of accidents happen) and motorway driving. The second objective, having passed the assessment based test is to secure an insurance discount for your 1st year of up to 30%! Well worth it then!

Intermediate Courses

This course, after an initial assessment, will be designed to 'FILL-IN' any gaps in your knowledge prior to taking your test. Once again, the official D.S.A. format will be followed to record your progress.

Motorway Lessons

These can be taken as part of the Pass Plus or separately at any time after your driving test and is open to more experienced drivers who wish to develop their skills further.

As with all other areas of driving, it's important to know the rules and how to apply them. Among others, areas for discussion and practise will be planning your journey and your drive, joining, overtaking and leaving motorways.

Take a lesson or two, feel calm, confident and safe, driving at higher speeds.

So, whatever your requirements, A1 Driving School have the courses, the patience and the skill to deliver!

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Provisional Licenses Before you can begin your lessons you need to have applied for, and received, your provisional license. To apply for your license you will also need to comply with a number of requirements. Such as: You are resident in...

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THE TEORY TEST The theory test can be taken at any time, even before you start taking your practical driving lessons. However, this test must be passed before you can book your practical driving test. The theory test has two sections. Section 1...

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