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This site is packed with information concerning both practical / theory tests and traffic signs, driving license information and much more.
You can practice taking your theory test on this website.
For everything you need to know to pass your driving test. From Video lessons and mobile phone apps to online hazzard perception mock tests.
Large selection of quality videos available for purchase via youtube.
Purchase helpful test study books here.
Among other topics, this site gives you information about what you should or should not do if involved in an accident.
A driving instructor price comparison web site.
Contains information on how passing the PASS PLUS course can significantly reduce your insurance premium.
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*When your friend completes 10 hours tuition with us. These lessons can be taken either on the day of your test or during your Pass Plus training. There is no limit to the amount of FREE lessons you can earn!


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Provisional Licenses Before you can begin your lessons you need to have applied for, and received, your provisional license. To apply for your license you will also need to comply with a number of requirements. Such as: You are resident in...

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THE TEORY TEST The theory test can be taken at any time, even before you start taking your practical driving lessons. However, this test must be passed before you can book your practical driving test. The theory test has two sections. Section 1...

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